WOW! That's Engineering

March 26-27, 2022

Society of Women Engineers at SJSU


    WOW! That's Engineering is a two day conference that invites high school girls to learn about STEM and prepare for college through a variety of unique, engaging events, such as workshops, keynotes, and socials.

    Engineering Design Challenge

    WOW attendees are encouraged, but not required, to enter our Engineering Design Challenge! Pitch your innovation to our judges and you (and a friend) can win a Nintendo Switch Lite, Kindle, or Amazon Echo Dot!

    About Wow! That's engineering

    At WOW!, we aim to inspire the next generation of women engineers and scientists. The two-day conference invites high school girls to learn about STEM and prepare for college through a variety of unique, engaging events, such as workshops, keynotes, and socials. The event includes hands-on workshops that will allow girls to explore the different types of engineering fields, including software, biomedical, aerospace, and many others! There will also be keynote talks led by established female engineers from the industry who will be sharing their own experiences and career route into the tech world. We hope that the attendees leave with a new perspective about the engineering industry and view it under a positive light that it is a creative and booming field.

    About SWE at SJSU

    SWE-SJSU aims to create a network of female engineering students and professionals where everyone can help one another in technical development and give back to the community together. We have various fundraisers and socials events for our members to mingle and outreach events where our members are able to offer guidance and exposure about the engineering field to young high school students. Altogether, our activities help our SWE chapter branch in areas of academic excellence, professional development, and community inclusion.

    Conference schedule

    Saturday, March 26, 2022

    8:00am-9:00amCheck in
    9:30am-10:15amKeynote Speaker + Q&A
    10:30am-11:30amWorkshop 1
    12:00pm-12:55pmLunch + AMA
    1:00pm-2:00pmWorkshop 2
    2:05pm-3:05pmWorkshop 3
    3:05pmClosing Remarks

    Sunday, March 27, 2022

    9:10am-9:55amKeynote Speaker + Q&A
    10:30am-12:00pmEngineering Design Challenge
    1:00pm-2:00pmStudent Panel (30 min panel, 30 min Q&A)
    2:00pm-3:00pmWorkshop 4
    3:00pm -3:10pmClosing remarks & prizes

    engineering design challenge prompt

    California has experienced several droughts in the past two decades. Currently, we are facing drought level D4 (Exceptional Drought). Thus, it is imperative that we lead water conservation efforts in our everyday lives. As engineers and scientists, we need to address sustainable solutions that make our communities drought-resilient.

    Identify a solution that implements water conservation and develop an engineering prototype. Here are a few ideas/directions to boost your brainstorming!

    Mechanical/Civil Engineering: Design a building/structure that harvests rainwater. Design an irrigation system for a local garden. Design a faucet that uses less water.
    Chemical Engineering: Design a wastewater reuse process that increases the water quality.
    Software: Utilize existing datasets and APIs to develop an application that allows individuals keep track of daily water usage, and allow them to set water usage goals.

    We will provide:
    Submission Form, where you will write about your solution.
    Rubric, where you can get a better understanding of what we are looking for.

    Submissions due: Friday, March 11th
    5 Finalists notified: Friday, March 18th
    Presentations by finalists, winners announced: Sunday, March 27th

    You are allowed to work on your own or with another attendee! If you are working with someone, one person will submit one submission form and one project for the pair.

    Note: Your project does not have to be complete! We will not be evaluating based on the completion of your project but on the originality and idea!